Alison Ettridge

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Tel. +44 (0) 7990 751 029  | [email protected]


Alison Ettridge,Talent Intuition Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. Registered no: 08306689. Registered Address: Pooh Corner, Buttersend Lane, Hartpury, GL19 3DD.


Alison will challenge you and your leadership team to help you better understand your sales process, product, service and customers. We will help you to sell more, to cross sell, to upsell and to understand how and where you make money.


Ask yourself:


*  Why do your customers buy from you?

*  How are your products adapted to the changing needs of your marketplace?

*  How many target markets do you have and do you sell to all of them?

*  Which products do you make money from?

*  Are you playing to your business strengths?

*  Who am I selling to? What am I selling? Why am I selling it? Why do companies buy?

*  What is my sales strategy and how does it evolve?

*  What sales talent can I access quickly to drive our business growth?

*  Who are my future leadership team?


* Do you say "where do I get my enquiries from?" and not "how do I find and action more leads?"