Alison Ettridge

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Alison Ettridge,Talent Intuition Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. Registered no: 08306689. Registered Address: Pooh Corner, Buttersend Lane, Hartpury, GL19 3DD.


1) Build a complete business development strategy and understand how to implement it

2) Provide interim sales leaders to implement your business development strategy

3) Augment your sales force with off or on site sales resource, as and when your business needs it

4) Develop and train your own sales team to significantly improve activity, engagement, performance and results.

5) Advise on building your sales strategy in export markets, particularly in EMEA.

6) Help you to build a pipeline of talented sales people ready to hire as your business growth dictates.

7) Build a leadership succession and talent management strategy to maximise your internal talent capability.

8) Provide concrete advice on using your website to promote your business, maximising your web presence to increase sales.

9) Provide leadership advisory service with a wealth of commercial and sales experience.

Alison aims to give a keen and quick insight to her clients, giving them actionable intelligence to help them drive and sustain competitive advantage. We help her clients grow.


Sales leadership and a complete business development strategy is critical to driving growth of any business. A talent acquisition strategy ensure the talented sales people are in a pipeline to hire and support the growth. A succession strategy is key to maintaining  long term success.  


Whether you are a global player looking to break into a new market, a business looking for an interim sales leader to bridge a talent gap or a start up looking for business development advice in EMEA, Alison will work with you to help achieve your business objectives