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Sometimes small events in life can lead to big changes. You learn from everyone so you network with everyone - small connections can lead anywhere. So please follow me, connect with me, ask to be introduced to people I know - conversations and connections are powerful!

100 coffees in 100 days

By ettridgea, Nov 16 2016 10:37AM

It's been an interesting year. From great things to bad things and then to those that bring you crashing down to earth with a bump.

One of those bumps (and there have been a few) came during an innocent breakfast with my three year old daughter. One lovely morning we were sitting and having breakfast before the daily routine of nursery, work, stress and meetings started. "I like it when you are here mummy". You could have ripped my heart in two. This wasn't a child manipulating her mum, she's too young for that, this was a little girl pointing out that she likes it when her mummy is there. Which is lovely. BUT it also implies that mummy being there is out of the norm.

So, that was less than a month ago and all change. Here's to the launch of Alison Ettridge. The new Alison Ettridge - the one with a sharp commercial brain who helps businesses grow, works with family businesses, chairs panels, the one who is (now) self employed and the one who is also therefore able to be a mummy. So I thought to myself, if I can learn that much, and change things so readily for the better over a cup of coffee with my daughter, then what could I achieve if I aim to add 100 coffees in 100 days with anyone who is interested in learning more - I'm interested in learning about them.

So - the goal is set. From the first of December the challenge commences - 100 coffees in 100 days...I'll blog after each one and let you know what I learn


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